Patrick Mahomes Net Worth in 2023

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Patrick Mahomes’ Net Worth in 2023

Patrick Mahomes II has become one of the biggest stars in the NFL after just a few seasons. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback won MVP in 2018, led his team to a Super Bowl victory in 2019, and continues to put up video game-like numbers. With his success on the field leading to lucrative endorsement deals off it, Mahomes’ net worth has skyrocketed in recent years.

Mahomes’ Early Career

Mahomes was a first-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft after playing college football at Texas Tech. As a rookie, he sat behind veteran Alex Smith for most of the season before taking over as the starter in 2018. It didn’t take long for Mahomes to show why Kansas City traded up to take him 10th overall.

Key Career Highlights So Far

  • 2018 NFL MVP
  • 2018 NFL passing touchdowns leader
  • 2019 Super Bowl Champion
  • 2022 AFC Championship appearance

Mahomes’ Contracts and Earnings

The Chiefs showed their faith in Mahomes early, signing him to a 10-year contract extension in 2020 worth up to $503 million. Here’s a look at Mahomes’ earnings from his NFL contracts so far:

2017-2019$4.4 million
2020$825K salary + $24.8M signing bonus
2021$990K salary + $22.8M roster bonus
2022$1.5M salary + $29.4M roster bonus
TotalOver $85 million

And he’s just getting started when it comes to cashing checks from the Chiefs. By the end of his deal, Mahomes will have earned half a billion dollars in salary alone from the team.

Endorsements and Other Ventures

Of course, Mahomes makes plenty of money off the field from endorsements as well. Some of his most notable deals include:

  • Oakley – Reportedly worth $3 million a year
  • Hyundai – Multi-year deal signed in 2022
  • Head & Shoulders – Reported $7 million deal over 3 years
  • Panini/CleatUp – Investor and promoter
  • Airshare – Equity stake estimated at $10 million

Mahomes is also building his portfolio with investments in sports drink company BioSteel and fitness equipment brand Hyperice. Additionally, he owns minor league baseball and soccer teams in Kansas City.

Conservative estimates put Mahomes’ endorsements and other revenue at $15-20 million per year.

What Is Patrick Mahomes’ Net Worth in 2023?

In total, reports peg Mahomes’ current net worth at approximately $85 million. However, he has 10 more years left on his record contract with the Chiefs, plus plenty of time to build his sponsorship portfolio and investment portfolio.

Barring injury, Mahomes seems destined to become a billionaire athlete in the future through both on-field earnings and smart business deals. He could potentially cross over the $500 million mark before his current Chiefs contract ends. Either way, at just 27 years old, Mahomes’ financial future looks incredibly bright even compared to other elite QBs like Tom Brady.

So while Patrick Mahomes already has nearly 9 figures to his name, this likely just scratches the surface of what he will ultimately be worth long-term. Carefully navigating sponsorships and investments while continuing to shine as the NFL’s brightest young star should easily keep Mahomes financially set for generations.

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